ANN: matplotlib-0.63.0 now automatically detects Numeric, numarray or

    > both, and compiles in the appropriate extension code. Thus
    > you can use matplotlib with either or both packages and
    > still get the optimal performance. So it is no longer
    > necessary to set NUMERIX in, but it is necessary to
    > have the extensions you want compiled available at the time
    > you compile matplotlib. The win32 build is for numarray
    > 1.1.

Todd pointed out to me that the last statement is ambiguous. The
windows installer is for Numeric *and* numarray-1.1. Numeric doesn't
have a version number because all recent versions of Numeric are
binary compatible with one another. numarray gets a version number
because numarray 1.1 is not binary compatible with 1.0 which is not
compatible with 0.9. The numarray guys are hopeful that they have
achieved binary compatibility for future releases with 1.1 , and the
goal is to have a single matplotlib win32 installer that works with
all current Numeric and numarray, rather than what we used to do which
was a different installer for Numeric and each version of numarray.