ANN matplotlib-0.60.1

What's new in matplotlib-0.60.1

* figure images (pixel-by-pixel, not resampled) with the figimage
   command. Multiple figure images (ie mosaics) with alpha blending
   are supported. See

* multiple axes images with imshow using alpha blending. See

* unified color limit and color mapping arguments to pcolor, scatter,
   imshow and figimage. Interactive control of colormap and color
   scaling with new matplotlib.matlab commands jet, gray and clim.
   New matplotlib rc parameters for default image params. image
   origin can be upper or lower - see

* colorbar - - now
   works with imshow, pcolor, and scatter

* new 'draw' command to redraw the figure - use this in place of
   multiple calls to show. This is equivalent to doing
   get_current_fig_manager().canvas.draw(), but takes less typing :slight_smile:

* support for py2exe - see

* New finance demo shows off many of the features of matplotlib - see
   screenshot at

* new matplotlib.matlab command 'rc' for dynamic control of rc
   parameters. See and example

* Andrew Straw submitted a dynamic_image example. The wx version is
   still in progress and has some flicker problems, but the gtk version
   is pretty cool -

* Bug fixes: dynamic_demo_wx, figure legends, memory leaks, axis
   scaling bug related to singleton plots, mathtext bug for '6', some
   numarray bug workarounds

See for details

Downloads at