ANN matplotlib-0.54.2

This is the second bugfix release of the 0.54 series

Here's the CHANGELOG

* Rewrote ft2font using CXX as part of general memory leak fixes;
    also fixed transform memory leaks

* Fixed several problems with log ticks and scaling

* Fixed width/height issues for images

* Fixed draw_if_interactive bug for semilogx;

* Fixed text clipping to clip to axes

* Fixed leading newline text and multiple newline text

* Fixed plot_date to return lines

* Fixed plot to work with x or y having shape N,1 or 1,N

* Added renderer markeredgewidth attribute of Line2D.

* Fixed tick label clipping to work with navigation.

* Added renderer grouping commands to support groups in

* Fixed, this time I really mean it, the singleton plot
    plot([0]) scaling bug; Fixed Flavio's shape = N,1 bug

* added colorbar

* Made some changes to the matplotlib.colors.Colormap to
    propertly support clim