ANN matplotlib-0.53

Hi John and Paul, I changed the 'pass' to a 'continue' and a

    > different problem has revealed itself. Now, in lieu of any
    > plot window, I get a Windows dialog with title 'Windows
    > Visual C++ Runtime Library'

    > and content

    > Runtime Error Program C:\APPS\PYTHON23\PYTHONW.EXE abnormal
    > program termination

    > Clicking the OK then generates a page fault. This seems a
    > bit nasty. When I have time later today, I'll see what
    > happens under Win2000 on my laptop. I should probably try
    > another backend too.

Hi Gary,

I'm just including your last email to the dev list so others will know
it's taken care of


From: "gary ruben" <gruben@...1...>
Subject: more matplotlib error info
To: jdhunter@...5...
Cc: barrett@...31...
Date: Thu, 22 Apr 2004 19:52:55 +1000

Hi John and Paul,
Paul; the font manager problem seems to be fixed by John's suggestion, so
you can ignore my previous offlist email which mentions a page fault. I've
isolated it to a problem with Agg, which I'll post the symptoms of to the
users list.