ANN matplotlib-0.53

What's new in matplotlib 0.53

Improved font manager and support

  Paul Barrett has thoroughly overhauled font support. FontTools and
  ttfquery are no longer required for font finding as matplotlib now
  has a completely freestanding freetype2 implementation and font
  finder. Among other things, this should enable you to specify fonts
  in your scripts and matplotlibrc file and generate consistent
  figures across backends and operating systems. The font finder
  algorithm and implementation are based on the W3C standard

  See the font manager module documentation, the fonts documentation and the updated .matplotlibrc
  file for more details; please update your .matplotlibrc. Thanks

Backend WXAgg

  Antigrain rendering to wxpython applications and figure windows. Now
  wx users have access to all the latest matplotlib functionality,
  including mathtext, antialised drawing, alpha blending and image

Major and minor ticks

  Full support for major and minor ticks with a bevy of more
  intelligent tick locators supplied in the ticker module. Fully
  customizable and user definable tick locators and formatters. See and The default tick
  labeler is much more intelligent is choosing good tick locations.

Date plots

  A new command a plot_date command for plotting date dependent data;
  see Converters
  supplied in the dates module allow you to work with a variety of
  datetime instances. Custom date locators and formatters allow you to
  place major and minor ticks by minute, hour, weekday, month, year,
  etc, and use strftime format strings to format the ticks. See
  examples and The dates documentation
  provides an overview and guide to with dates -

Ported image support to numarray and postscript backend

  The image module now works with Numeric or numarray, and now works
  in the postscript backend as well as GTKAgg, TkAgg, WXAgg, Agg, and
  GTK. Thanks to Todd Miller for the PS work!

Changes to matplotlibrc

  Many features added to the default config file for font support,
  tkagg windowing in win32, and more. Please use the new file at By default, the installer
  will overwrite the existing file in the install path, so if you want
  to preserve your's, please move it to your HOME dir and set the
  environment variable if necessary.

load and save commands

  Helper functions for loading and saving ASCII arrays. See load and
  save in the matlab interface.

Two scales on the same axes

  Added some features to the axis and ticks to allow two plots with
  different scales on the "same" axes with different scales, ticks and
  labels on the left and right side of the x axis. To see why same is
  quoted, see examples/

finance module

  The finance module includes a function to fetch quotes from yahoo,
  to draw candlestick plots, and to draw vertical line plots for
  high-low range with open-close ticks to the left and right. I'm
  hoping that user contributions will make up the bulk of this module
  since I'm not a finance guy! See