ANN matplotlib-0.52

What's new in matplotlib-0.52

Image support

  Basic image support. Images can be specified by Numeric float arrays

     If X is MxN, assume luminance (grayscale)
     If X is MxNx3, assume RGB
     If X is MxNx4, assume RGBA

     imshow(X, cmap) # plot X using colormap; see examples/

  see help(imshow) and the image_demo*.py examples in the matplotlib
  src distribution. Set BUILD_IMAGE in for image
  support. Currently available on Agg, GTKAgg, TkAgg and GTK
  backends. win32 GTK users should use GTKAgg unless your pygtk is
  compiled with Numeric support.

  The pseudocolor images generated with imshow are 8 million times
  faster than pcolors.

Figure legends

  In addition to adding legends to the axes with the legend command,
  you can place legends anywhere in the figure with figlegend

fill command

  Andrew Straw wrote a fill command to plot filled polygons. See

Make 2D spectrograms with specgram.

  Requires image support; see

Bugfixes and minor improvements

    * Tk : Fixed a close figure bug in interactive mode

    * GTK : Much improved mathtext performance thanks to patch by
      Trevor Blackwell

    * All : Fixed a bug that showed up in successive calls to plot
      with just one plot argument

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