ANN matplotlib-0.42

OK, now we at least know where the problem is. I don't get

    >> such an error message on my system (rhl9, pygtk-2.0.0). What
    >> platform are you on, and what versions of GTK and pygtk are you
    >> running? JDH

    > W2K, Enthought python 2.3, pygtk 2.0, gtk 2.0

Tracked this one down. Apparently the latest version of GTK for
windows does different font aliasing. This is controlled by the file


Try adding the line:

times = "times new roman,angsana new,mingliu,simsun,gulimche,ms gothic,latha,mangal,code2000"

If you get other font messages, adding more font aliases to this file
may help.

I'm making some changes in the gtk backend - mapping times -> serif,
so in the next release of matplotlib this should be fixed