ANN: matplotlib-0.41

What's new in matplotlib 0.41

Pcolor optimizations

  Several optimizations have improved the performance of pcolor across
  all backends, 4x performance boost on the GTK backend. Still, slow,
  but getting tolerable.

PS save from GTK backend

  An alpha version of the PS export functionality from the GTK
  backend. Mostly works with a few known problems. You can simply
  call savefig('') or use the PS extension when saving from
  the GUI. [Matthew - still haven't gotten to the problems you
  reported but it's still on the list of things to do!]

Bug fixes

  Fixed bugs in semilogy and in setting dashes under some versions of

bar takes (optional) multiple color args

  You can now pass bar a len(x) list of color args to have bars with
  different colors.

John Hunter