ANN: matplotlib-0.32 released

What's new in matplotlib 0.32

  wx python backend -- development version

  Jeremy O'Donoghue has done an amazing job implementing the backend
  for wxpython. The code is still alpha and several of the features
  that will be available are under active development. See the code
  matplotlib/backends/ for a report on existing features
  and known bugs. If you have wxpython installed, you can take it for
  a test drive with 'python -dWX' and please report any
  bugs not listed in the KNOWN BUGS section of the wx src to the
  matplotlib-devel mailing list.

Pseudo color plots

  The pcolor command generates pseudo color plots. See and for
  screenshots and some example code

Numerous small bugfixes

  Fixed reversed zoom tools, bug in ticklabel setting, bug in AFM font
  path setting for PS backend, fixed a label position bug. Thanks for
  the bug reports!

John Hunter