ANN: matplotlib 0.21 -- matlab compatible plotting in python

Announcing matplotlib 0.21 --

What's new in matplotlib 0.21

Deprecation warnings fixed -- Several users reported deprecation
  warnings with python2.3 and pygtk 1.99.18. These were all related to
  passing floats rather than ints to gtk drawing commands. These have
  been cleaned up and none of the examples generate wanings. Let me
  know if you get some!

Improved interactive shell -- Jon Anderson posted an improved GTK
  shell to the pygtk mailing list. Using this no longer requires that
  pygtk have threading built in. See Use this if you
  want to make plots interactively from the python shell.

Specifying colors -- You can now specify colors with color format
  strings, RGB tuples, or hex strings as in html. See

Figure text -- All text in matplotlib has previously been in axis
  (data) coordinates. Sometimes it's helpful to be able to specify
  text in figure (relative) coordinates. Now figures also have
  text. When you scroll interactively, axis text moves with the data,
  figure text is fixed. This is also useful for making a figure title
  when you have multiple columns of subplots. See

Flicker free updates -- All drawing is done to a pixmap and then
  updated. This allows flicker free updates of the figure. You can use
  this, for example, to build a system monitor, which continuously
  shows system resources such as RAM, CPU, etc... See for a demo.