[ANN] IPython 0.10.2 is out

Hi all,

we've just released IPython 0.10.2, full release notes are below.

Downloads in source and windows binary form are available in the usual location:

as well as on github:

and at the Python Package Index (which easy_install will use by default):

so at any time you should find a location with good download speeds.

You can find the full documentation at:


Fernando (on behalf of the whole IPython team)

Release 0.10.2



IPython 0.10.2 was released April 9, 2011. This is a minor bugfix release that
preserves backward compatibility. At this point, all IPython development
resources are focused on the 0.11 series that includes a complete architectural
restructuring of the project as well as many new capabilities, so this is
likely to be the last release of the 0.10.x series. We have tried to fix all
major bugs in this series so that it remains a viable platform for those not
ready yet to transition to the 0.11 and newer codebase (since that will require
some porting effort, as a number of APIs have changed).

Thus, we are not opening a 0.10.3 active development branch yet, but if the
user community requires new patches and is willing to maintain/release such a
branch, we'll be happy to host it on the IPython github repositories.

Highlights of this release:

- The main one is the closing of github ticket #185, a major regression we had
  in 0.10.1 where pylab mode with GTK (or gthread) was not working correctly,
  hence plots were blocking with GTK. Since this is the default matplotlib
  backend on Unix systems, this was a major annoyance for many users. Many
  thanks to Paul Ivanov for helping resolve this issue.

- Fix IOError bug on Windows when used with -gthread.
- Work robustly if $HOME is missing from environment.
- Better POSIX support in ssh scripts (remove bash-specific idioms).
- Improved support for non-ascii characters in log files.
- Work correctly in environments where GTK can be imported but not started
  (such as a linux text console without X11).

For this release we merged 24 commits, contributed by the following people
(please let us know if we ommitted your name and we'll gladly fix this in the
notes for the future):

* Fernando Perez
* MinRK
* Paul Ivanov
* Pieter Cristiaan de Groot
* TvrtkoM