ANN: basemap toolkit 1.0.2

The basemap matplotlib toolkit 1.0.2 is available for download at

Documentation is at

including an example gallery that highlights it's capabilities

The highlights of this release are:
* full python 3 compatibility.
* new land-sea mask datasets.
* a new "colorbar" method for easy placement of colorbars using the axes_grid toolkit. * new "shadedrelief" and "etopo" methods.
* removal of the deprecated "NetCDFFile" function (use netcdf4-python instead).
* several bug fixes.
Here is the full Changelog:
version 1.0.2 (git tag v1.0.2)
* update include geos from 3.2.0 to 3.3.1 so it compiles with gcc
* added colorbar method that uses axes_grid toolkit to
create colorbar axes.
* replace hasattr(arr,'mask') with
* docs updated, moved to
* added optional 1.25, 2.5 and 10 minute land/sea masks (derived from
GSHHS coastline data). 'resolution'
and 'grid' kwargs added to drawlsmask and maskoceans.
'resolution' can be 'c','l','i','h' or 'f', grid can be 1.25,2.5,5 or 10.
* update from to r72.
* change default land-sea mask (now derived directly from gshhs
coastline data, default is 5 minutes use coastline resolution =
'l'). Default for plotting lakes is now True.
* add etopo method (similar to bluemarble, but plots etopo relief image from as a map background).
* add shadedrelief method (similar to bluemarble, but plots shaded
relief image from as a map background).
* replace pyshapelib with pure python from Allows full python 3 compatibility.
* fix doc/ to use inheritance_diagram from Sphinx, not
* fix drawlsmask so cylindrical projections work correctly when
longitude range outside of -180 to 180.
* python 3 compatibility.
* added to examples (line integral convolution,
requires scikit.vectorplot).
* removed deprecated NetCDFFile.
* added zorder keyword to drawmapscale.

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