[ANN] basemap matplotlib toolkit 0.1.1

The first matplotlib toolkit has been released.

Matplotlib toolkits are collections of application-specific functions that extend matplotlib.

This is hopefully the first of many - additional contributions are encouraged!

The basemap toolkit allows matplotlib to plot regularly-space latitiude/longitude grids on map projections, including drawing coastlines, political boundaries, parallels and meridians. It currently supports six map projections (cylindrical equidistant, mercator, lambert conformal conic, lambert azimuthal equal area, albers equal area and stereographic).

It uses routines from the proj.4 library (http://proj.maptools.org) to perform cartographic transformations.

Documentation - http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/toolkits.html.

Screenshot - http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/screenshots/plotmap_large.png

Example Code - http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/screenshots/plotmap.py

Examples for each map projection are included in the source release (available at the sf download page (http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=80706&package_id=142792).

Windows binaries are provided (thanks John!) - but they do not include the examples.

Comments/bug reports/suggestions are welcome.



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