ANN: basemap-1.0.5

Available for download at

Thanks to Christoph Gohlke for making windows installers.

    - new 'latlon' keyword for contour,contourf,pcolor,pcolormesh,quiver,barb methods that automatically converts x, y from longitude/latitude to map projection coordinates, and for global projections shifts the data longitudinally to fit in map projection region (see example).
    - fixed a serious bug that caused a bogus mask to be applied to the data when the contour method was called (did not affect contourf).

full Changelog:

version 1.0.5 (git tag v1.0.5rel)


* fix bug triggered when drawlsmask method called more than once.
* fix error in contour method that caused a bogus mask to be applied
   to the data (issue 58).
* fix further corner cases with splitting of parallels that cross
   the dateline (issue 40).
* add latlon keyword to plotting methods. If latlon=True, x and y
   values are assumed to longitudes and latitudes in degrees. The
   data and longitudes are shifted to the map projection region (for
   cylindrical and pseudo-cylindrical projections) using the shiftdata
   method, and lons/lats are converted to map projection coords. Default
   value is False. Addresses issue 54. New example added
   to illustrate usage.
* fix bluemarble and warpimage methods to account for change in orientation
   of arrays returned to matplotlib's pil_to_array (issue 51)
* fix glitch with drawing meridians and filling coastline polygons with
   omerc projection that includes pole.



Just a note to anyone experiencing problems building against GEOS
3.3.3 installed from the ubuntu-gis-unstable PPA on Ubuntu. The naming
convention for the GEOS shared library has changed and I had to apply
the patch below as a workaround:

diff --git a/ b/
index 216ddf6..dc6d916 100644
--- a/
+++ b/
@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ else:
- libraries=['geos_c','geos']))
+ libraries=['geos_c','geos-3.3.3']))

# Specify all the required mpl data
# create pyproj binary datum shift grid files.

Apparently this is an acceptable practice on Debian systems
but no time to dream up a more robust fix right now..



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Available for download at