ANN: basemap 0.9

The main purpose of this release is to take advantage of the new aspect ratio handling in matplotlib 0.87.3.

Some new features have been added (new polar-centric convenience projections, sinusoidal projection, ability to plot land-sea masks, pcolormesh method), and numerous bugs were squashed.

Here is the full list of changes since 0.8.2:

           * updated for new matplotlib aspect ratio handling.
           Now maps will always have the correct aspect ratio.
           * if resolution keyword is set to None when Basemap
           instance is created, no boundary data sets are needed
           (methods to draw boundaries, like drawcoastlines, will
           raise an exception).
           * update to proj4 module - renamed pyproj to avoid
           conflicts with proj4 module from CDAT.
           * createfigure method deprecated, since maps
           will now automatically have the correct aspect ratio.
           * Added new projections Xpstere, Xplaea, Xpaeqd (where X
           can be n or s). These are special-case, polar-centric
           versions of the stereographic, lambert azimuthal equal area
           and azimuthal equidistant projections that don't require
           you specify the lat/lon values of the lower-left and upper-right
           corners. * fixed bugs in plot, scatter and mapboundary methods for
           miller, cylindrical and mercator projections.
           * 'crude' and 'low' resolution boundary datasets now installed
           by default. basemap_data package now only needed for to get
           'intermediate' and 'high' resolution datasets.
           * moved all packages under single lib/ directory so
       setuptools' "develop" command works properly.
           * Added sinusoidal projection.
           * bilinear interpolation routines can return masked arrays with
           values outside range of data coordinates masked.
           * New examples ( - warping an image to
           different map projections, - simplified polar
           projections, - 'World According to Garp' maps).
           * pcolormesh method added.
           * drawlsmask method added for masking oceans and/or land areas.
           5 minute land-sea mask dataset added.



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