Animation doc glitches

I'm trying to learn how to make a fairly efficient strip chart display
and have run into a few glitches:

The example is not annotated but does refer to a
page <>
Unfortunately that page does not exist. I suspect the desired page is:

However, that page has its own issues: all the links to code that I have
tried are broken, e.g.: = <> = <>

That page also says at one point:
"For backends that support the new API (GTKAgg) set useblit=True:"
"As noted above, only the GTKAgg supports the methods above to to the
animations of selected actors."

However, it earlier claims:
"As of matplotlib-0.87, GTKAgg, TkAgg, WXAgg, and FLTKAgg support the
methods discussed here."

If the first two quotes are needlessly restrictive then it would help to
list the supported backends once and refer back to that if necessary.

These are minor complains. Having found this page it looks pretty
straightforward to do what I want (especially since my data rate is slow
enough that I can skip the fancy bit blitting).

One question: it appears that there is no way to append new data to the
Line2D and occasionally flush the oldest data; instead I have to copy
all data for every update. Is this so, or am I missing something?

-- Russell