Animating selected plot elements

I also needed to use Frank's approach (described in the link above) to
make my animation works. Is it possible to fix the code in the
cookbook? I tried to edit the page but I am not allowed.



On Mon, Apr 4, 2011 at 6:14 PM, Drew Frank <ajfrank@...3513...> wrote:

This will not address your immediate problem with update_line not
being called, but if you want to animate something over a non-blank
background you will soon run into another issue. I posted here about
that issue a while back:

To aid future web searchers, here is my final reply to that thread,
which I accidentally sent to Benjamin Root rather than to the list:
"The way the cookbook example is written (calling copy_from_background
early), it will always copy a blank, white region -- even if
non-animated elements have been plotted prior to the call. This
caused problems for me because I wanted to animate some patches on the
top of a non-blank background, but calling restore_from_region just
overwrote my background with white."

Drew Frank