An other question about matplotlib

Yagua Rovi wrote:

Hello Andrew,

For the same need as the previous message, I try to display in colour
a given surface based with on polar coordinates. Z = f (r, theta)
Can you show me which function I have to use?
I don't know what to do with "polar (theta, r)" function.
Is there an option for imshow ?
I don't see an example like that in the demo gallery of matplotlib.
Perhaps it is not possible, but I don't believe there is a lot of
things impossible with matplotlib ! :slight_smile:
Thank you for your valuable help.
Hi Yagua -- this is not possible with imshow, which is for Cartesian, rectangular data. Maybe you could transform your data points into Cartesian coordinates and then use pcolor. Also, you could resample your data onto Cartesian coordinates using the griddata() function (see ) and then use imshow again.