alpha blending with embeded gtk.

I’m having trouble getting the alpha keyword to do
anything when I use the OO interface (as per gtk embeded example).

The attached code demonstrates the problem.

With matlab_test() I get alpha blending as expected, with the
gtk_embed_test() it seems to be ignored.

Aside from this, I’d just like to say what a great package matplotlib
is. I’ve been using it a lot the last week to plot maps – first I
started using pcolor to plot hurricane footprints (I’ll see if I can
get the OK to release some of the plots, pcolor produced some wonderful
pictures with a few lines of code).

Inspired by this I’ve also been plotting simple maps by creating
collections of polygons (eg one polygon for each country in the world)

  • associating a value with each polygon. Again, great pictures in a
    few lines of code + using the collections the speed is pretty good,
    even with 3000+ polygons it was all pretty snappy.

I’ll see if I can get an example together – to do this I’ll need to
get some un-restricted shape files, but I’ll see what I can do.

Many thanks for matplotlib.

John (935 Bytes)