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"T J" <tjhnson@...287...> writes:

So it looks as if the plot title, for example, is getting Nimbus
rather than CM.

The usetex code looks at the font settings in your rc file and chooses
the first matching font that it knows how to use in TeX. Your settings
(probably inherited from the defaults) specify choosing a font in the
sans serif family:

'': 'sans-serif',

and of those, Helvetica happens to be the first one in this list that it
knows about:

'font.sans-serif': ['Bitstream Vera Sans',



You see Nimbus Sans in the output because that's a free Helvetica
look-alike included by your TeX distribution.

What is the 'proper' way to get all the fonts to match my document?

Specify Computer Modern fonts in your rc file:

font.sans-serif: Computer Modern Sans Serif
font.serif: Computer Modern Roman
font.monospace: Computer Modern Typewriter


Jouni K. Sepp�nen