All CM fonts

Hi, my matplotlibrc file is:

backend : GTKAgg
text.usetex : True
text.latex.preview : True
ps.usedistiller : xpdf

However, when I create images, regular text is not in the CM font.
When checking the fonts in a pdf viewer, I get:

CM12, Type 1, Embedded
NimbusSanL-Regu, Type 1, Embedded

So it looks as if the plot title, for example, is getting Nimbus
rather than CM. What is the 'proper' way to get all the fonts to
match my document? Using:


results in a different font (but still not what I was expecting):
CenturySchL-Roma Below is the output of rcParams.


{'agg.path.chunksize': 0,
'axes.axisbelow': False,
'axes.edgecolor': 'k',
'axes.facecolor': 'w',
'axes.formatter.limits': [-7, 7],
'axes.grid': False,
'axes.hold': True,
'axes.labelcolor': 'k',
'axes.labelsize': 'medium',
'axes.linewidth': 1.0,
'axes.titlesize': 'large',
'axes.unicode_minus': True,
'backend': 'GTKAgg',
'backend_fallback': True,
'cairo.format': 'png',
'contour.negative_linestyle': 'dashed',
'datapath': '/usr/local/lib/python2.5/site-packages/matplotlib/mpl-data',
'docstring.hardcopy': False,
'figure.autolayout': False,
'figure.dpi': 80,
'figure.edgecolor': 'w',
'figure.facecolor': '0.75',
'figure.figsize': [8.0, 6.0],
'figure.subplot.bottom': 0.10000000000000001,
'figure.subplot.hspace': 0.20000000000000001,
'figure.subplot.left': 0.125,
'figure.subplot.right': 0.90000000000000002,
'': 0.90000000000000002,
'figure.subplot.wspace': 0.20000000000000001,
'font.cursive': ['Apple Chancery',
                  'Zapf Chancery',
'': 'sans-serif',
'font.fantasy': ['Comic Sans MS',
'font.monospace': ['Bitstream Vera Sans Mono',
                    'DejaVu Sans Mono',
                    'Andale Mono',
                    'Nimbus Mono L',
                    'Courier New',
'font.sans-serif': ['Bitstream Vera Sans',
                     'DejaVu Sans',
                     'Lucida Grande',
                     'Avant Garde',
'font.serif': ['Bitstream Vera Serif',
                'DejaVu Serif',
                'New Century Schoolbook',
                'Century Schoolbook L',
                'ITC Bookman',
                'Nimbus Roman No9 L',
                'Times New Roman',
'font.size': 12.0,
'font.stretch': 'normal',
'': 'normal',
'font.variant': 'normal',
'font.weight': 'normal',
'grid.color': 'k',
'grid.linestyle': ':',
'grid.linewidth': 0.5,
'image.aspect': 'equal',
'image.cmap': 'jet',
'image.interpolation': 'bilinear',
'image.lut': 256,
'image.origin': 'upper',
'image.resample': False,
'interactive': True,
'legend.borderaxespad': 0.5,
'legend.borderpad': 0.40000000000000002,
'legend.columnspacing': 2.0,
'legend.fancybox': False,
'legend.fontsize': 'large',
'legend.handlelength': 2.0,
'legend.handletextpad': 0.80000000000000004,
'legend.isaxes': True,
'legend.labelspacing': 0.5,
'legend.loc': 'upper right',
'legend.markerscale': 1.0,
'legend.numpoints': 2,
'legend.shadow': False,
'lines.antialiased': True,
'lines.color': 'b',
'lines.dash_capstyle': 'butt',
'lines.dash_joinstyle': 'miter',
'lines.linestyle': '-',
'lines.linewidth': 1.0,
'lines.marker': 'None',
'lines.markeredgewidth': 0.5,
'lines.markersize': 6,
'lines.solid_capstyle': 'projecting',
'lines.solid_joinstyle': 'miter',
'maskedarray': 'obsolete',
'': 'serif:bold',
'': 'cursive',
'mathtext.default': 'it',
'mathtext.fallback_to_cm': True,
'mathtext.fontset': 'cm',
'': 'serif:italic',
'mathtext.rm': 'serif',
'mathtext.sf': 'sans\\-serif',
'': 'monospace',
'numerix': 'numpy',
'patch.antialiased': True,
'patch.edgecolor': 'k',
'patch.facecolor': 'b',
'patch.linewidth': 1.0,
'path.simplify': True,
'pdf.compression': 6,
'pdf.fonttype': 3,
'pdf.inheritcolor': False,
'pdf.use14corefonts': False,
'': '.matplotlib_plugins',
'polaraxes.grid': True,
'ps.distiller.res': 6000,
'ps.fonttype': 3,
'ps.papersize': 'letter',
'ps.useafm': False,
'ps.usedistiller': 'xpdf',
'savefig.dpi': 100,
'savefig.edgecolor': 'w',
'savefig.facecolor': 'w',
'savefig.orientation': 'portrait',
'svg.embed_char_paths': True,
'svg.image_inline': True,
'svg.image_noscale': False,
'text.color': 'k',
'text.dvipnghack': None,
'text.fontangle': 'normal',
'text.fontsize': 'medium',
'text.fontstyle': 'normal',
'text.fontvariant': 'normal',
'text.fontweight': 'normal',
'text.latex.preamble': [''],
'text.latex.preview': True,
'text.latex.unicode': False,
'text.usetex': True,
'timezone': 'UTC',
'tk.pythoninspect': False,
'tk.window_focus': False,
'toolbar': 'toolbar2',
'units': False,
'verbose.fileo': 'sys.stdout',
'verbose.level': 'silent',
'xtick.color': 'k',
'xtick.direction': 'in',
'xtick.labelsize': 'medium',
'xtick.major.pad': 4,
'xtick.major.size': 4,
'xtick.minor.pad': 4,
'xtick.minor.size': 2,
'ytick.color': 'k',
'ytick.direction': 'in',
'ytick.labelsize': 'medium',
'ytick.major.pad': 4,
'ytick.major.size': 4,
'ytick.minor.pad': 4,
'ytick.minor.size': 2}