Agg complexity exceeded or allocated too many blocks

I'm having problem with data plotting in matplotlib. Tried versions, 1.2.0
and 1.3.0 too, the same thing occurs except the error message. On 1.2.0 the
error message is Agg complexity exceeded on 1.3.0 it is Allocated too many
The data i need to plot is 1M pts long and it's a bit complex (have a lot of
big changes).

data = []
for a in range(0,1000000):

I can catch the Overflow excepton, and i recover the matplotlib widget by
resetting the renderer, but the memory allocated by the previous plot is
still allocated until i close the app.
Is there a way to find where that memory leaked and how could i free it up?
Tried to clear the variables where i store the data, also cleared the figure
with .clear(), .clf(), .close() the memory is still used.


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