Agg backend in Windows

Allright thanks. In Linux, i can compile the new

    > matplotlib with gcc 3.3. I notice the same problem
    > with fontTools. This time i do have a FontTools.pth in
    > my source directory, but it isn't copied to
    > /whatever/python2.3/site-packages when i run python
    > install.

Just copy the file to site-packages. This problem is fixed in CVS but
with Paul's new font finder hopefully it will soon be a non-issue.

    > Now it doesn't find _backend_agg. Sorry to be bugging
    > you with all these minor annoyances.

No problem - I want to fix these problems as soon as possible so keep
them coming.

Did you edit You need to set the flags BUILD_AGG and
BUILD_FONTTOOLS. If this doesn't do it for you, please post compile
errors or tracebacks.

    > Also i notice the 'afm' problem i reported earlier with
    > the PS backend hasn't been fixed. Did you receive my
    > little fix?

Thanks for the reminder - it had slipped too low in the pile and I
forgot about it. It's in now.