Agg backend errors

John, Thank you for the reply!

    > It does not seem to matter if I use .png or leave off
    > the extension (as I really should have). I have
    > uninstalled , and reinstalled Matplotlib, and Numeric.
    > And in a final check even reinstalled Python. Same
    > errors. I can see the agg backends are in the default
    > directories , and the paths seem to allow access to
    > them, the errors seem to happen during rendering or
    > saving.

I tried to replicate this problem and could not. I did a clean
install of 0.83.2 on windows XP for python23 and Numeric 23.7 and your
test script ran fine for me. That makes it harder to fix.

I reread your original post and you are getting the error

     File "C:\Python23\Lib\site-packages\matplotlib\", line 809,
   in move_to
       def move_to(*args): return _agg.path_storage_move_to(*args)
   TypeError: argument number 1: a 'path_t *' is expected,
   'path_storagePtr(<agg.path_storagePtr; proxy of C++
   agg::path_storage instance at _208aa401_p_agg__path_storage>)' is

Is this the one you are still getting? For some reason it appears
that the SWIG typedef 'path_t' for 'agg::path_storage' is not being
properly handled on your system.

Can you provide any more information (exact operating system, other
things you've installed, any nonstandard path settings, etc). I
assume the script you posted is the one you are working with, and you
are not importing anything except pylab.

Here is what I am testing with

from pylab import *

plot(arange(10), color='#006400')
xlabel('this is a xlabel\n(with newlines!)')
ylabel('this is vertical\ntest', multialignment='center')
#ylabel('this is another!')
text(2, 7,'this is\nyet another test',
    horizontalalignment = 'center',
    verticalalignment = 'top',
    multialignment = 'center')

which I run with

  C:> c:\Python23\python -dAgg --verbose-helpful