After saving in GUI, how can I get the oo-interface?

Hi list

It looks like I cant change any properties of a matplotlib figure/axis
after I saved the figure
using the GUI. At least I cant use gca(), and gcf(). It works fine if
the save (e.g., figure.savefig('foo'))
was performed in the oo interface

Does anybody else have a problem with this (code below)?

import pylab as p
p.scatter([1,2,3], [1,2,3])
*save figure using the toolbar-button*

# then ... oops, I forgot something, and I need to change some properties
# trying to get my axes
ax = p.gca()
# and this pops up a new figure with new axes



# the oo seems to work just fine (if I only knew that ... )
p.scatter([1,2,3], [1,2,3])
fig = p.gcf()

ax = p.gca()

I am on Ubuntu feisty with numpy 1.01, matplotlib 0.87.7, using Ipython 0.7.3