AFM mathtext

Hi, I regularly use matplotlib on lots of systems I

    > don't have root access to. On most of these
    > installation of gs 8.15 is quite problematic (and buggy)
    > and as I result using TeX with matplotlib is
    > impractical. Additionally as all of the printers I have
    > access to are HP made the use of embedded truetype fonts
    > is also problematic. The combination of these two
    > problems has made it difficult to use mpl for anything I
    > need to print and for which I need mathtext.

    > As a solution I've patched the mathtext library and
    > backend_ps in order to support mathtext based upon the
    > standard postscript Symbol font when ps.usetex = True.
    > A function patch to CVS is attached.

Thanks Nick -- just committed this to CVS so it will be in the next

Checking in lib/matplotlib/;
/cvsroot/matplotlib/matplotlib/lib/matplotlib/,v <--
new revision: 1.21; previous revision: 1.20
Checking in lib/matplotlib/backends/;
new revision: 1.69; previous revision: 1.68