advice on writing an application

Not sure, at this point, but it seems to be a reasonable approach.
You'd need a stacking model that allows the end-programmer to cleanly
access the functionality of the lower levels, however.

Andy Henshaw
Georgia Tech Research Institute


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> [...]
> I'm certainly willing and able to contribute to this
development. I'm
> conflicted as to which code base to begin with, however.

Tell me what do you think too about the "stack model" I
proposed a couple of posts above. I'd like to help with it,
but I'm still very much in the learning phase...


You guys are having a great discussion about using matplotlib with
wxWindows in many different ways. I just wanted to chime in and let
any other lurkers know that matplotlib can also be easily embedded in
GTK apps with PyGTK. I've done this several times to make small
applications that help me in data analysis. The examples directory is
a great place to start.
    I don't have any experience with matplotlib+PyGTK on platforms
other than Linux. (Ahh, the joys of scientific programming: now
Windows.) Perhaps wxWindows handles cross-platform apps better, I'm
not qualified to answer.
    If other people are interested, I could try writing up a Wiki page
with one of my small "matplotlib embedded in a GTK app" programs.


    -- Graeme