advice on time-series of histograms

Hi Everyone,

I need some advice on the best way to create a certain plot: I have a series of time points. For each one, I have a collection of values for which I’d like to display the distribution with a histogram. On the x-axis would be the time points, while at each time point there is a vertical line that is the baseline for a horizontally-oriented histogram. This is similar to a series of boxplots, but rather than using a boxplot to represent a distribution of points, I am using a histogram. There is no reason to represent the “counts” for each histogram, as the histograms would all be normalized, and I am only interested in their shape.

Ideally, this plot would be created on a single Axes object, as there should be only a single x-axis. This would involve drawing lots of rectangles on a single plot. However, one alternative is to create a separate Axes for each histogram, and play with their relative sizes on the canvas to get the proper spacing of the timepoints. I have browsed the list of examples but was not able to find something similar.

Any suggestions are welcome…



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