adding whitespace to plot title?

I am sure there is better solutions, but

    > title(r"$\delta^{15}N \ and \ Trophic \ Level \ for \ %s
    > \ Food \ Web$"%name) should already be close to what you
    > want: "\ " add a space and the name is inserted in the

You may want to consider also using the roman font for the non-math text

  from matplotlib.matlab import *
  name = 'John'
  title(r"$\delta^{15}N\ \rm{and\ Trophic\ Level\ for\ %s\ Food\ Web}$"%name)

FYI: There are other spacing commands

  '\ ' : normal space, 30% of fontsize
  '\/' : small space, 10% of fontsize
  \hspace{frac} : user specified fraction of fontsize

See for
more info.

    > classic python way (replace %s in the string by the
    > string appearing after the % operator...) Now I wonder
    > if mixing Tex math expression and normal text expression
    > is possible, something like: title(r"$\delta^{15}N$ and
    > Trophic Level for %s Food Web"%name) Advantange would be
    > to use classic font for non-math part, as done in Tex...
    > This does not seems to work in matplotlib 0.54.2, but
    > maybe in 0.60.2? Or in future version? :wink:

It doesn't work now (see link above). It may be included in a future
version. Wouldn't be too hard.... One problem with the approach
above is that mathtext doesn't currently use kerning data, so roman
strings like

  \rm{and \ Trophic \ Level \ for \ %s \ Food\ Web}

have nonideal interletter spacing. Kerning is on the list of things
to do, which would make the solution above pretty good. I agree that
allowing nested "some string $subexpr$" would be better.