add errorbars color

I've some data with yerrorbars. I want to know if there is one option to
add color errorbar, because the fmt flag change only the color of the
data points.

Try this example, Nino:

from matplotlib.matlab import *

t = arange(0.1, 4, 0.1)
s = exp(-t)
e = 0.1*abs(randn(len(s)))
line0, errlines0 = errorbar(t, s, e, fmt='bx:')
set(errlines0, 'color', 'c')
line1, errlines1 = errorbar(t, s+1, e, fmt='r-')
set(errlines1, 'color', 'g')
xlabel('Distance (m)')
ylabel('Height (m)')
title('Mean and standard error as a function of distance')
legend((line0, line1), ('legend 1', 'legend 2'))


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