A very simple wrapper of part of the 2D plot functions in matplotlib

Dear all,

When I start to make the plots for my first publication of my PhD study. I use the plot command
to make some line and scatter plots, then I find myself want to have some scatter plot as well,
and I want to change some of the scatter points colors. And probably later I want bar plots…
So I find it taking me 3 hours to change the underlying code just to change a plot type of the same
data. Don’t know others have the same issue…

Then I started to write some small functions with the idea of like “data centered plotting”, it wraps
some of the maplotlib functions in a STUPID, SIMPLE yet flexible way. The idea is not for large scale
production purpose, but for a “quick-look” of the data with some “intermediate-stage of easthetic”,
for a rather small amount of data.

So I ended with a small library of which I called Pdata. (short for PlotData, which means data centered
plotting functions). I don’t know if others have similar demand. However I put it here to just have some
comments from you.

You’re invited to spend 5mins on this small ipython notebook:
use http://nbviewer.ipython.org/ to check it.




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