A site using matplotlib

Edin Salkovic <edin.salkovic@...1235...> wrote -


I'm not affiliated in any way with the site owner/creator.

I am, and it is extremely remiss of me not to publicly acknowledge how
indebted we are to Matplotlib. In my defense and to mpl's credit, using
it to generate the graphs has been so smooth that we barely know it's

Matplotlib processes data for more than 620 companies on the Australian
stock exchange after every trading day, producing more than 55,000
graphs per day. Several months ago I had a number of machines running
the graph generation on more than 3 years of historic data 24x7 for
around 2.5 weeks, resulting in over 250GB of graphs, i.e >40 million!!

The site is very information rich and mpl is a mainstay of the
presentation of that information (see
for a sample).

Kudos to John and all others involved in producing a fantastic open
source product!

Robert Leftwich