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Thank you for commenting on the code. sys.argv check is a wise one. Since I was the only user of this little snippet I didn’t give attention of this detail, however eventually some other people will start using the code too.

I thought it is more efficient to only import functions that I use from modules. This said, I don’t see much speed difference on two codes. Is import statement (or Python itself) intelligent enough to import only the modules that are used inside a program or does it load all content at the original import time?

Mouse-hover readings are really nice to have while analysing the data, and ability of setting its sensitivity comes handier sometimes. I wish I could find a way to put such a mechanism on my recent poster presentation. Hah, maybe I should use a flexible lcd and let viewers to interract with the poster themselves instead of viewing things on a dry big sheet of paper.

Yes, the IPython call from shell still stays a mystery…



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After solving the boxplotting mystery, and figuring out how to change the mouse hover reading sensitivities, I have finished my small script which creates boxplots from a given file. I can call it either by issueing ./splot.py file or from inside ipython -pylab with run command. However I still couldn’t figure out how to drop in ipython from the bash shell call while all my variable context visible in the ipython namespace.

I am attaching the script and a sample file I used. Could you please comment whether I am on the right track? I am not very sure my locals() use is correct to create a variable name from a given file name. There might be other points that seem weaker in the code as well.

Thank you.


The code looks pretty good to me. I’ve done some minor style changes on the imports, and added an error check to see if the user passed a parameter or not. I didn’t know how to change the mouseover format, this will be useful for me, thanks!

I’m only a casual user of ipython, and I don’t know how to do what you ask, so I’ll leave that to someone else.

(new splot.py attached)

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