A matlab-like 'axis equal' command

John - The current option for 'axis('equal') only sets the

    > coordinate range the same on each axis, correct? What I
    > want is to have the lengths of the axes scaled according to
    > the min/max values along the x and y axes. That is
    > important when you contour spatial data, for example.
    > That's the button I made.

axis('equal') should work like matlab's option. Your post suggests
that your version does and I infer therefore that the current
axis('equal') does not. I'm wondering if we should substitute your
version in there. Even if not, we can do both, with a suitably named
flag. Would you be willing to incorporate your suggestion into the
axis function and submit it as a patch to the sf site?

    > I understand the hassle of adding a button that works on all
    > back-ends. I'll try to post my button for the TK back-end
    > and we'll take it from there.

Sounds good.