A demo of matplotlib within a wx application

Interactive use is great, but I need to draw Matlplotlib

    > plots to a window from within a wx application. The
    > example linked to from the screenshots page
    > (embedding_in_wx.py) is broken. I have attached a simple
    > modified version (no toolbar, just a plot). Matplotlib
    > window redraws are quite slow, and the default behaviour
    > is ugly during resizing. The example shows how to modify
    > the FigureCanvas class to redraw only during idle
    > time. This means that there is only one redraw during
    > resizing. The wxagg backend is chosen, as for the simple
    > plot shown here it is quicker than the current
    > implementation of the wx backend.

OK, thanks for letting me know. I updated the website - the link
should have, and now does, point to examples/embedding_wx2.py. Note
the matplotlib examples dir, with the src distribution and at
http://matplotlib.sf.net/examples, does contain a few examples showing
how to embed matplotlib into WX/WXAgg. Eg, examples/embedding_wx2.py
shows how embed use the toolbar as well.

Would you mind if I add your example to the examples subdir?