2D plots in mplot3d

Hello list;

I have some data that I would like to display a bit like it is done in this example:


Only, instead of the line plot in the z=0 plane, I would like to represent my data as a pcolormesh (and instead of the scatter I would like to do a line plot of the levels at chosen y-values, bu that is not the problem now).

However, when I try to do a ax.pcolormesh() - which should be inherited - it creates the object just fine, but when I write 'draw()', I get the error message:

             AttributeError: 'QuadMesh' object has no attribute 'do_3d_projection'

Is there a different way to obtain what I wanbt - that is, an image plot with customizeable coordinate axes, in a given plane (here z=0) of the Axes3D?