2019 John Hunter Excellence in Plotting Contest Organizers


We need a volunteer or two to help run the JHEPC competition this year
(Nelle Varoquaux and Michael Droettboom ran it last year) The role
involves :

  - making sure the announcement goes out
  - collecting a panel of judges (starting from last years)
  - organizing the collection of the submissions
  - sending the judging packet out to the judges and collecting the results
  - collating the results from the judges

The timeline is:

- get announcement out (late March / Early April)
- collect submissions and distribute to judges (late May / early June)
- final tally of results (July 10-12 to be announced at SciPy)

The time commitment is 10-20 hours total between now and July.



Thomas Caswell
tcaswell at gmail.com
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