2018-01-22 Call notes

On call: Myself, Anthony Lee, Eric Firing, Hannah, Jody Klymak, Ryan May

- 2.2 priorities - 827 open issues tagged for this release, but these are
mostly just carried forward from past milestones
- Looked over release critical issues
- 10033 (Axes sharing improvements) looks just about ready, needs some
- Punting 10216 (GDB gone on Travis) for now -- Anthony submitted 10291 for
setting fault handler
- Discussed 10210 (Qt Cairo): Who else is well-versed enough in
Qt/Matplotlib to give a review
- Need to get 9082 (geometry constraint manager) in and start kicking the
tires on it
- Discussed 10206 (units/converters and axes): decided it?s fine to not
convert floats (numbers) passed in on axes that have converters
- 8820 (pcolor of arrays of bools broken by numpy 1.13): Decided it?s
numpy?s fault (changing behavior), not ours, so we're not going to go out
of our way to fix this in matplotlib itself. There?s a reasonable
workaround with `arr.astype(np.int)`.



Ryan May
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