1.5 release candidate planning

Hey all,

I plan to cut a 1.5.0rc1 release candidate tonight (probably around 2000 -
2200 EST)

The two outstanding feature PRs were
- segmented/offset/diverging Norm which looks like it is going to require
a fair about of work in the colorbar code to behave correctly
- ensure_* which in a phone call with Phil we decided to split off into
it's own package

Everything else in the 'next point release' milestone is documentation or a
bug fix.

If anyone has any protests to this please let me know!

Given the large number of changes:

11:55 $ git diff v1.4.3 --shortstat
2643 files changed, 246438 insertions(+), 221298 deletions(-)

current master as 1.4.3 I expect there to be a couple of RCs.

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