1.4.0 PR review


An update on the status of getting 1.4.0 out the door. By my count we
have 14 patches that need review and 4 issues that need patches. It
looks like we will miss getting it tagged before scipy, but I really
hope we can at least tag and announce a rc during it.

I see that there is a MEP BoF already schedule for scipy, are sprints
formally organized or ad-hoc?

need review:

#3190 : two new style sheets. Given that style sheets are one of the
cool new features in 1.4, I think merging these is a good idea, but
want to make sure others agree

#3188 : fixes up bugs exposed by changing behavior in numpy. They are
changing those errors to warnings before they tag 1.9 so not urgent

#3184 : DOC added text warning to `get_window_extent` that it can take
your foot off

#3174 : fixes api break added with qt5, RELEASE CRITICAL

#3170 : a lot of changes to the FAQs, will probably need discussion at scipy

#3167 : adds error checking to `plt.subplot` and company

#3165 : restores defaults to boxplot, RELEASE CRITICAL

#3156 : DOC for adding qt5

#3121 : tweaks to rcparam for qt backends

#3112 : fixes bug in wedge. (I really want this merged for my day job)

#2952 : turn clipping off on all objects in pie charts

#2951 : changes in AnchoredSizeBar api.

#2843 : fixes the labels added to contour plots. It works, but could
use more internal documentation RELEASE CRITICAL

needs revision:

#2742 : add documentation about how to rebase (which is my problem,
this might get punted)


#3126 : something is not right with how the the annotate docstrings
get parsed by sphinx

#3090 : proposal do stop testing 3.2 (which more-or-less drops
official support for it), easy to do but needs consensus to do it

#2999 : install docs for windows/mac, should be done by who ever
packages up the release for those platforms

#2903 : the plot directive is not always working correctly, some of
the links are screwy



Thomas Caswell