0.85 breaks rcParams[tick.minor.pad]

John Hunter <jdhunter@...4...> writes:

To just make clear, the tick.* properties in rc have
now been replaced by xtick.* and ytick.*. If you don't update your
rc file, you'll get lots of warnings when you start matplotlib.

On a related note, how about allowing multiple groups when calling
matplotlib.rc? Now we need to do something like

    rc('xtick', **{'major.pad': 2.0, 'major.size': 2.0, 'labelsize': 6.0})
    rc('ytick', **{'major.pad': 2.0, 'major.size': 2.0, 'labelsize': 6.0})

which is a bit of a nuisance compared to just calling rc for 'tick'.
Perhaps next someone wants to set the properties separately for all
four borders of the axes, and then we need four calls?

(Also, aliases for the names with dots would be nice, so the key=value
notation could be used in the call.)

The following patch allows calling rc like

    rc(('xtick','ytick'), ...)

rc-multigroup.patch (1.59 KB)


Jouni K Sepp�nen