0.53 beta testers wanted

Here is a beta release of matplotlib-0.53. You'll need to update your
.matplotlibrc files with the one in the included version since a lot
has been added and some things have been changed.

There is still a bug in the date conversion module but I'm working on
it. Everything else looks pretty good from my end. New features you
may want to test

  - font family support - you can flush ttfquery and FontTools; see
    the new matplotlibrc file in the src dist for details

  - wxagg

  - major and minor ticks; see examples/major_minor*; see module docs
    for details

  - date plots (with a small tick location bug) examples/date*; ; see
    module docs for details

  - image module for numarray and PS

  - multiple scales on same axes - examples/two_scales.py

Win32 and OS X testers especially needed....